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Budget climbing kilimanjaro rongai route

 Rongai route is remote climbing kilimanjaro trail going to Kibo peak through Northern side.

Few tourists, scenic routes with comfortable and enjoyable services on kilimanjaro trekking trip.

Avoid crowd on Marangu route and enjoy easier climbing mount kilimanjaro on Rongai route. 

Price costs of kilimanjaro climbing are cheap and meets your budget.

Mountain climbing is one of best adventure sports in Tanzania. There are several volcanic mountains in Tanzania like Oldonyo Lengai, Mount Meru and kilimanjaro.

It is easier to book climb kilimanjaro trip on rongai route. Expert kilimanjaro trekking guides will take you to Kibo snow, Uhuru peak. Porters and cook will prepare comfortable accommodation and delicious food. Guides will lead and show you beauty of Kilimanjaro up to the highest point in Africa at height of 5895m 

Congratulations for choosing to climb kilimanjaro in Tanzania, you are almost there at Kilimanjaro summit.

Just a few more steps, write us email and tell us your travel dates.

How many are you? - Number of people decides price difference. Feel free to contact us.

Then we make all the rest.

More details of Rongai route 6 days - day to day trekking hours, overnight camps/hut and walking distance.

Read more on Rongai route here and send us email now:

Email: info@kili-tanzanitesafaris.com

Mountaineering or climbing kilimanjaro on other routes like Machame, Lemosho, Umbwe, Marangu and Northern Circuit.

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