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Climbing Mount Kenya Trips

Mountain climbing destinations are Mount Kilimanjaro and Kenya.

Mount Kenya Adventure climbing trips

Kenya is volcano Mountain and also Volcano tours destination. In order to see all nature attractions in Mount Kenya is by climbing through Point Lenana or Naromoru routes. Destinations trekking are main summit of Batian 5,199m, Nelion 5,188m and point Lenana 4,985m of Mount Kenya. Tourist should know that can climb only to point Lenana for standard climber while technical climber is allowed to hike to Batian summit.

Mount Kenya is the second highest peak in Africa with height 5199 m above sea level and tourists can add on with a safari in the stunning National Parks of Kenya, including Amboseli and Masai Mara.

Facts to justify why you could plan to book Kenya trek is scenic nature attractions such as exotic, equatorial, high-altitude vegetation; sunbirds, hyrax and soaring eagles  which are seen during this adventure trip. Climbing follows the cultivated farmlands on the lower slopes, and then tourists trek along the trails pass through the rain forest. Forest is rich in trees of many species but noticeably camphor, then onto a bamboo zone growing to heights of more than 12m or more up through open moor land before reaching the moonscape of higher slopes. The forests are rich in wildlife including elephant, buffalo and monkeys with even the moor lands offering a long list of mammals including the rock hyrax, the nearest living relative of the elephant.

There are three routes to trek up Mount Kenya.

Kenya routes are known as Naromoru route, Chogoria route and Sirimon route.  Chogoria route is most interesting Kenya climbing route because has scenic beauty trail.

Sirimon Kenya trekking trail is least used of the three main routes, but features the most gradual ascent profile and best acclimatisation options and above all the most interesting since it’s on the drier side on the mountain. The route passes through impressive Yellowwood forests in the lower reaches and features abundant wildlife and beautiful alpine scenery higher up.

Naromoru route Kenya: Naromoru route hikes up to the Teleki Valley and is the shortest way to the peaks. It is the most densely populated with hikers owing to the fact that is the shortest way up, and most obvious trail.

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