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Climbing kilimanjaro gears

Climbing kilimanjaro gears for comfort.

Before preparing hiking gears, you should understand weather at Mount Kilimanjaro and choosing climbing Mount Kilimanjaro routes. Kilimanjaro climbing routes recommended are Machame, Rongai and Machame.

List of Kilimanjaro trekking gears is as follows:

Sunglasses #1: For high altitude. One pair of high quality 100%UV and 100%IR with a minimum of 80% light reduction, side shields such as those found on “glacier glasses” are not recommended, but size and shape of lens should offer maximum protection from bright light on snow.

Sunglasses #2: One pair high quality 100%UV and 100%IR, for lower elevations, also as a backup. It is important to have a spare pair of sunglasses.

Headlamp w/ spare bulb: AA or AAA battery powered (Petzl or Black Diamond).

Spare Batteries: Bring plenty for reading in tents at night.

More kilimanjaro trekking accessories are as follows:

  • Basic walking/trail pants (zip-offs if you like, or carry shorts, which we never used)
  • Hiking socks
  • Hats (one trail hat for sun, another wool hat for warmth)
  • Long-sleeved trail shirt and t-shirts
  • Silk long underwear
  • Gloves (ideally, with liners that you can strip down to when it becomes too warm for gloves)
  • Fleece jacket with cotton lining (down jacket)
  • Underwear (of course)
  • Pajamas, or something clean to sleep in at night

Most important hiking gears are:

Boots or Mountain shoes: Make sure your shoes/boots have some ankle support (for summit day ascent and descent).  The Boots should have studs to prevent slippery on the Kilimanjaro snows

Walking sticks / walking poles: We would recommend renting at least one pole — you’ll find it useful if not essential for balance, stability and pacing, particularly on the descent. Walking sticks can be hired at Kilimanjaro trekking gears Store.

Gaiters: this clip on to your shoes and pants to protect your shoes from getting inundated with dirt, sand and snow, particularly on the descent.

Sleeping bag: The warmer, the better. Try to rent a sleeping bag that is comfort rated to -20 or -30 C. Do not skimp on your sleeping bag — better to be too warm than too cold.

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