Climbing mount kilimanjaro seasons,routes and advices

Kili Tanzanita Caminos hereby present the Mount Kilimanjaro climbing tips, such as best season, routes, etc. Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro has a wonderful attraction for adventurers, trekkers, climbing mountaineering and everyone who dreams about climbing mountain. It is the Africa's highest peak it is a symbol of Africa's diversity, challenges and majesty beauty. Created through volcanic turmoil it stands 5895m above sea level and can be seen both Tanzania and Kenya. We help visitors explore the beauty of Mount Kilimanjaro through our guide travel tips. First of all, you can read the key Kilimanjaro trekking tips here.

Kilimanjaro is moderately easier climbing mountain with climates ranging from lush rain forest, home to Colobus monkeys and big animals on western breach unforgiving volcanic screed to the defining snow-cap, and conquer  to summit. We have experienced mountain climbing guides/porters/cook will look after you from tropical base of Kilimanjaro to the icy nights nearer the summit. After a challenging day of hiking, your tented camp will be set up for you & a freshly prepared hot meal served on arrival at camp.

Fresh Vegetables, fruits and carbohydrate food will be careful prepared by chef/cook to give you energy for successful climbing mount Kilimanjaro.  

Our Kilimanjaro climbing package includes transfers, tents, food, porters, guides, rescue and park fees and accommodation at hotel before and after the climb.We advise you to book your ticket from your favourite Travel Agent and land/arrive in Kilimanjaro Airport/JRO or arrive at Jomo Kenyatta Airport Nairobi and proceed to Moshi by daily Shuttles. We can book your International flight (OPTIONAL) to Tanzania, tell us which city, Airport and country are you coming from. Now, just book and the rest is you to enjoy and observe beauty of Mount Kilimanjaro as you climbing up to Summit. 



Many people consider Machame route as difficult but practically Machame route is easier, and most successful route trekking, climbing up Kilimanjaro than others. Onwards and upwards through volcanic boulders, the huge Lava tower and giant Barranco Wall. A trek through boulder strewn desert with awesome views of Kibo bring us to the Karanga Valley and finally to our last camp Barafu (meaning ice) before our midnight approach of Uhuru peak, the highest point in Africa at 5895m from Stella point. Return is via the Mweka route on the Southern Slopes of Kili. The journey to the summit of Kilimanjaro is demanding & climbers need to be physically fit & prepared.


The Rongai Route ascends Kilimanjaro from the North Eastern side. A scenic & less travelled route it starts out from Nale moru maize farming area, winding Southwards through rain forest past natural caves & opening up to views of the jagged Mawenzi peaks.  


With 2 nights at Mawenzi Tarn, you're able to acclimatize successfully while exploring the second oldest volcano on Kilimanjaro - Mawenzi 5149m. We then trek Westwards across the saddle & tackle Uhuru peak 5895m on Kibo via Gillman's point.  


Descent is on a different more Southern route, the last night on the mountain is spent at Horombo camp.  


We believe in maximizing your chances of a successful climb by providing:  

QUALIFIED & EXPERIENCED MOUNTAINEERING GUIDES- climbing Kilimanjaro and helping you.  

ADVICE- on weather, conditions, emergence cases like altitude sickness  

GEAR- Professional advice on gear for the Kilimanjaro climbing tour.  

ACCLIMATISATION- Climbing slowly, drinking enough water and spend one day extra for getting used to weather.  

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