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Hawaii Big Island Activities That You Should Not Skip 

The Hawaiian Islands are like heaven on Earth. Most beautiful and breathtaking landscapes, waterfalls and such a lush collection of culture and tradition. Furthermore, such a vast collection of tourist spots and countless activities to indulge in. Hawaii is definitely on the bucket list of most people. It is believed that whoever visits these magnificent islands once, is bound to return. 

When planning a trip to Hawaii, there are so many fabulous places to choose from. There are iconic spots in Hawaii that must be on the list of first-time visitors. But there are more amazing places that only the locals know about and will be worthy of your visit. We are here to make your task of locating such places easier. Welcome to our guide to the Hawaiian Islands! Given below is a list of splendid places that you can visit on your next trip to Hawaii. 

Kauai Landscapes 

Those Kauai views cannot be rushed and must be taken from every angle. A helicopter ride shows the beautiful waterfalls. Sailing along the coast makes you feel insignificant against the natural majesty. A catamaran snorkeling walk reveals water wonders. Furthermore, the zodiac walks approach the sea caves, Hawaiian monk seals, dolphin pods or green sea turtles. Kauai is the only island of the state with navigational rivers, making it perfect for kayaking or an indoor tube tour. 
Do you love a challenge? Explore the legendary coastline, a 22-kilometer long footpath that is considered the best backpacking route of the state. 


The small island shaped like a moon is actually a partially immersed volcanic crater. It is also a conservation district of marine life and the sanctuary of Seabird State Hawaii. Raised waters make it a prime location for snorkeling and divers who love the visibility of more than 250 marine species. Birdwatchers can expect Wedge-tailed Shearwaters and Bulwers Petrels nesting on the rocky shores. 

Journey to Hana 

Dripping with green ferns, confined by waterfalls and dotted with food samples to try, the iconic and winding Hana road is truly an unforgettable journey. However, it would be a mistake to reverse and return after reaching the city of Hana. If green meadows and ocean views are yours, spend a night or two here. During the day, continue to the Haleakala National Park from the east end. Take a three-hour trip (varies depending on the stages) on the Pīpīwai Trail, including the beautiful bamboo forest and the Waimoku waterfall 400 meters high. You can also take a swimsuit and spend an afternoon with the panorama at Oheo Gulch, or Seven Sacred Pools.

Haleakala on Maui Nui

The road to the 10.023 foot top of the dormant Haleakala volcano is not for the weak. Those who come there earlier (often at 4:30), suffer from the white-knuckle drive, wearing winter hats and gloves, and carrying hot coffee thermoses. It's all worth it for that pure magic moment when the sun sets out above the clouds. New rules require a sunrise reservation, so book early to make sure you can work it in your visit. 

Kilauea Volcano 

There are five active volcanoes in the state of Hawaii and four on Big Island. What you want to look for is the Kilauea Volcano. It broke out since 1983 and is considered one of the most active volcanoes in the world. Get a good view of the 11-mile Crater Rim Drive, which surrounds the top caldera. For a great excitement drive the Chain of Crater's Roads (19 miles) that goes down 3700 meters to the coast and look at the lava entering the ocean. 

Shores of Maui - Whale Watching 

If you're on the coast of Maui between January and March, you will probably see the humpback whales jumping and splashing on an impressive view along the coast. Over 10,000 whales leave Alaska every winter to feed, raise and nurse their young. Hawaii is the only state in the nation where all three activities take place. That's the only way that has led to an improved whaling population in recent years. 

Revisit Waikiki 

Although this popular tourist place is famous for its beach, it still attracts crowds with other offers. New hotels, a renewed international market, world-class restaurants and luxury shops offer new opportunities for tourists. Do not miss the Honolulu Biennial, a new multinational contemporary art festival. The exhibition presents the diversity of ideas, arts and culture of more than 30 artists from Hawaii, the Pacific, Asia, North America, Australia and New Zealand. 

Shangri La on Oahu 

Doris Duke, an American heiress, and philanthropist filled her Shangri La's house, inspired by her travels all over the world, including stops in Iran, Lebanon, Egypt, and Syria. Her extensive collection led to the creation of a Doris Duke Foundation for Islamic art and to restore her home to the Islamic Center for Arts and Culture. Visit this incredible house, meet residents and artists and learn about the fascinating woman who lived there. 
We hope that this guide will help you visit some of the most amazing places in Hawaii. Don't forget to let us know about your experience in the comments section below! Also, share if you discovered some new hot spot in Hawaii. 

Guest Post by Ain ul Haq 
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