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Kilimanjaro trekking low price offers is possible, How?

Why can we offer low price Kilimanjaro treks? We can answer this in simple way, that we have many climbers who shares all costs. This does not mean that you will be put in a group you did not plan. The logic is that we have more than 800 trekkers yearly, compared to other Kilimanjaro climbing companies who have only about 180 climbers and hence all travel agency operating costs fall to them. So, each person climbing Kilimanjaro will go in his/her party and also, get personalised guide service. Kilimanjaro trekking must be safety and mountain guide usually monitor each climber by pulse oximeter. The service is top quality that is why you can read Bravo travel reviews at TripAdvisor

Here we explain more why we have price reduced Kilimanjaro tour offers. By having good number of climbers each year, we manage to reduce operating costs, and hence, pass this savings to make Kilimanjaro prices low. Budget travel prices go along with best quality services. Take example of booking cheap flight fares deal, from low cost airlines, services are also great. Take example of low cost Airlines Wizz Air, Rossiya, Aeroflot St. Petersburg, FlyDubai, Easy Jet, Ryanair, Norwegian, Air Canada Rouge, Indigo and Russian International Pobeda Airlines. Pobeda airlines will soon begin direct flights from Ukraine, Russia and Poland to Kilimanjaro Airport via Zanzibar.

Did you catch the point why we can offer you low price without jeopardizing quality services? Take example, if you buy whole sale is cheaper than buying in retail. Kilimanjaro Tanzanite Safaris DMC Kilimanjaro trips and safaris are not commercial. We take every Kilimanjaro safari tour personal and offer FIT based service. Our Kilimanjaro expeditions are affordable and can attract many climbers. By having more than 1000 climbers, all Tour Operator costs are divided to each client, compared to a travel agency who have only 120 trekkers. Moshi Kilimanjaro climbing agency operating costs include office rent, internet, electricity, staff salaries and Government License, all these costs depend on Kilimanjaro price range. Hence Kilimanjaro costs will be lowered by having many clients per year. The reputable of this company began to grow several years ago, you can see the testimonials from past clients, comments and experiences at TripAdvisor

Discount Hotels rates near Mount Kilimanjaro are available to us because we can have many people who come to Moshi. Moshi is a tourist town at the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro and also, nearest to Kilimanjaro International Airport. Kilimanjaro Tanzanite Safaris DMC partnership with hotels in Moshi and Hotels near Machame gate, enable us to get low room rates. We have discount hotel room rates in all hotel standards, from Budget hotels, middle standard tourist’s hotels to budget hotels. In this way, when booking your Kilimanjaro tour, you can save from the Kilimanjaro cost and at the cost also. Are you satisfied how can you save money on climbing Mount Kilimanjaro? Send us message on WhatsApp: +255767811095

Kilimanjaro trekking facilities are modern and made from known alpine brands such as Coleman, the North Pole, Mountain hardware, etc. We can help Kilimanjaro climbers rent personal hiking gears from Moshi, and save money on transporting large luggage on planes. We work with International travel agents across the world, from Canada, Poland, Russia, Bulgaria, Dubai, USA, Brazil, Spain, South Africa and more. Language is important aspect, In addition to English; we have Russian, Spanish, Deutsche, speaking guides. We invite travel agents to contact us for B2B corporate or whole sale partner prices. We understand your effort to promote Tanzania and hence you deserve a reward. Contact us by Email or WhatsApp.

Email: info@kili-tanzanitesafaris.com

WhatsApp: +255767811095

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