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Mt.Kilimanjaro news training hiking gears

Mt. Kilimanjaro News, Volcano tours, rock climbing, travel tips hiking gears

Mount Kilimanjaro information updates are available at Travel forums. Mountain guides and tourists can interact through questions, answers and travel tips. At travel forums, tourists can get best travel deals such as joining groups Kilimanjaro trekking and discount Kilimanjaro tours.

Upcoming trips and special offers

Kilimanjaro special tours are available on all routes. Discount price on Lemosho route, guided trekking Machame route Kilimanjaro climb, Rongai route etc

Special offers include Lemosho route 7 days Kilimanjaro climbing trip price of 1700 US $, travel deals available in January, February to 15 March. Terms and conditions for booking this tour offers are minimum 2 people are needed.

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Travel tips to observe during Kilimanjaro trekking


Although you are physically fit or trained to climb, change your mind set and stay positive.

You must have proper hiking gears so that the climbing trip is success

Walk at your own pace. It is not a race or competition. Go climb POLÉ! POLÉ! (Slowly! Slowly!)

On the second day, you will reach an altitude above the clouds. It is cold, take warm clothes

To limit risk of Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) it is best to find a guide that follows “climb high, sleep low” to help acclimate to the altitude. Machame route and Lemosho routes have best acclimatization points of Shira and Barranco.

The more days in the trek, the more time you have to acclimate, example book 7 days Machame route instead of 6 days.

Be prepared for climbing in extreme cold on summit night as temperatures can reach 0 degrees F (minus 18 C). There are ice glaciers at the top!


Kilimanjaro climbing is going through five temperate climates in just a few days? Be ready with lots of layers and pack lightly for all seasons. Before leaving, test that you can actually wear your clothes over each other.

Prepare to wear the same thing day after day and night after night. The air is thin and cold so you *probably* won’t sweat or smell like you normally would after a week without a shower at home.

Pack at least one complete hiking outfit, including a long sleeve shirt, hiking pants, underwear, hiking socks, and especially hiking boots. You can rent almost anything, but don’t want to risk blisters.

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