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Serengeti National park Safaris Tanzania

Serengeti Tanzania National Parks

Tanzania National Parks primary role is nature conservation. Sixteen National parks have been set aside to preserve Tanzania natural heritage and to allow its fauna and flora to breed securely. Some of National parks are International recognized biodiversity and world heritage sites such as Serengeti and Mount Kilimanjaro. Booking safaris Tanzania need travel tips such as wildlife safari destinations, safari lodges choices, wilderness camps options and last minute booking travel deals. Tanzania safari itineraries are travel plans which guide you where to go and when to go. Check Sample Tanzania safari itineraries online...

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Booking Tanzania safaris travel tips is to consider putting Serengeti into bucket list. Travel bucket list for African safaris destination include Serengeti National park, Kruger National park, Mount Kilimanjaro and Ngorongoro conservation area. Ngorongoro and Serengeti are in same ecosystem and hence worth be in same bucket list of Tanzania safaris. Arusha safari booking Tour Operator is ready to help you, contact us online chat Skype: k.tanzanitesafaris

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Frankfurt Zoological Society is International wildlife conservation organization based in German. Wildebeest migration is unique wildlife event in African safaris. Tanzania National parks allow Non consumptive utilization that is photographic tourism. Booking Tanzania safari to northern circuit is great opportunity to explore Serengeti National park endless plains, kopjes, wildlife animals and wildebeest migration. Wildlife safaris Tanzania planning need information about recommended safari lodges, luxury tented camp location map and budget camping safari information. Tanzania safari include 4 x 4 game drives and walking safaris. Tanzania safaris 4 x 4 is on comfort safari Landcruiser. 

Tourism is the art of people to travel from one place to another to see natural attractions. Most travellers prefer ecotourism hotspot attractions. Tourism provides revenue to government through park entry fees. Tourism provides employment to local Tanzania people through Tour Operators, Hotels, Lodges and safari camps. Travel consultants and guides support wildlife safaris and Kilimanjaro tours.

Tourism provides fund to support anti-poaching. Elephant’s tusks business has been banned by USA and China President, Mr. Obama and Xi Jinping.

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Number of Elephants has decreased tremendously due to illegal hunting of Elephants and Black rhinoceros in Africa game parks such as Serengeti, Selous game reserve, Kruger National park and Tarangire.

Tourism fund also support wildlife research and education to local communities. Tourism is largest tool for poverty alleviation. Direct and in direct income are through park entry fee, Kilimanjaro guides,safari guides, Hotel waitress, park rangers and park wardens.

Tourist things to do are rock climb, Kilimanjaro trekking, canoeing, balloon safaris, hiking, wildlife safaris, 4 x 4 game drives and climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. Wildlife safaris destinations in Tanzania are wonderful and provide quality value to your money.

Serengeti is voted best safari park in Africa, reviewed best by safari bookings ite, travel guides, fodors travel, rough guides, private guides, CNN travel and Huffington post.

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