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Zanzibar Island Beaches

Zanzibar Island, a World heritage Site.


Zanzibar has miles of unspoilt and beautiful beaches just waiting to be enjoyed by honeymooners and tourists alike.

Now, read more details of Zanzibar Beach areas,resorts,hotels,diving centres,snorkelling and white sand beaches.Zanzibar,the majestic spice island of the Indian Ocean.These are two main islands of Unguja and Pemba. Over centuries different cultures have influenced Zanzibar to become what it is today. Sumerians, Assyrians, Egyptians, Phonecians, Indians, Chinese, Persians, Portuguse, Omani Arabs, Dutch and British have settled here at one time or another and influenced the local culture into the present fusion.


Zanzibar archipelago comprises the islands of Unguja (also called Zanzibar) and Pemba with a number of islets adjacent thereto. It is part of the United Republic of Tanzania but administratively there is an autonomous government for matters that are not part of the union agreement.

Zanzibar, Pemba, and Mafia Islands are part of a coral reef barrier along the Tanzania Coast. The resorts here are becoming recognized as among the top in the world. . The crystal clear water, beautiful beaches and luxurious vegitation form a paradise that provides a wonderful combination of Swahili culture, superb diving and wonderful cuisine. A visit to any of these islands is easily added to one of our Tanzania or Kenya safaris.


Zanzibar is immediately accessible from the mainland by express sea boats or by scheduled flights. Pemba is most easily reached by ferry from Zanzibar, and Mafia is best reached by charter flight from Dar Es Salaam.






Would you go home without an inexpensive souvenir which is likely to become a treasured memory of the trip? May be a precious stone or just a wall hanging, wood carving.


The fragrance of spice is deliciously strong and its everywhere and you know you are in Zanzibar, the spice Island with its cloves and cinnamon, lichee nuts, cocoa beans, and coconut This is definitely the best place to buy spices. Most souvenir shops stock a limited supply of spices.


While you are strolling along the winding roads of the stone town you will come across many shops for antiques and souvenirs mainly wooden carvings, pottery, paintings e.t.c. If you walk along Kiponda street you will find textile and jewellery shops. Hardware is at Mchangani street, and at Darajani you get most items.


Cosmetics and Textiles are on the Malindi Street . In Sokohuhog Street you can see many shops, this area is opposite Old Post Office and along Gizenga Street.


There are two shops just after the main entrance of St. Joseph’s Cathedral. A drive through the country side will provide many interesting experiences.


Walk through the narrow streets and visiting the market place.


Also there is Food Market filled with plenty of vegetables and fruits.






The three and half-hours tour starts at the House of Wonder (the first long building and had had Electricity in east Africa). We then proceed to the Sultan’s Palace which now is a museum then to the Old Indian Dispensary, Livingstone House and Market (opened 1904), Where local fruits and vegetables are sold. The Anglican Church, (1873).Which was built on the site of the old slave market), State House, and We pass Zanzibar Museum (1925) no longer used. On our way, we pass, the High- court of Zanzibar, Tip tipu House, the first British High Commission, Jamituri garden, and we end our tour the old fort building (1698 – 1701).




Narrow Street of Stone town and House of Wonder

TOWN TOUR-on foot.

Similar to the normal town tour, without the Zanzibar museum, High court and Livingstone house, but including Sultan’s Palace .

Also chance to explore the shops in the company of a local knowledgeable guide which reduces the possibility of exposure to the more aggressive sales techniques!




A wonderful opportunity to see spices like cloves, Cinnamon, Black pepper, Nutmeg, turmeric root, actually growing in the plantations., Other tropical fruits such as jack fruit, custard, apple, Rambutan, Carambola can also be seen and tasted. Furthermore you will see plants like the Henna bush, Lipstick tree and Lemongrass. Finally you will visit the Kidichi Persian Baths that were built by the first Sultan of Zanzibar named Sultan Said Said bin Sultan in 1850 and Maruhubi Palace Ruins built by the third Sultan of Zanzibar named Sultan Said Baraghash Bin Said in 1880 which were built especially for housing 99 of his harem. Sensible shoes and hats are advisable.




Jozani forest is a natural forest located 35km from town; it is the only natural forest in the world where you can find the Red Colobus Monkeys, unique to Zanzibar. In the forest there are also different types of animals like Civit cats, Bush baby, Leopard (very few left), Jumping shrew, Red and Grey squirrels, an Elephant shrew to name just some. At the present time the Red Colobus Monkeys are very friendly and easy to see but the other animals are more difficult to spot.

Sensible shoes and a hat are advisable.


A relaxing day is to be had when you visit the small Island off Zanzibar Town. Apart from the Ruins of the Jail that was built in 1893 which was used for quarantine instead, there are giant tortoises of which some are over 100 years old. The Island is excellent for swimming and snorkeling.



Yet another of the Island off Zanzibar town, smaller Bawe also has breath taking marine life and is also excellent for snorkeling.



On the remote island of Uzi 6000 people are living, despite the fact that it is hardly to access. Only during low tide, on a path through mangroves or on boats you can reach Uzi. But if you reach it, you will find a different Zanzibar. Untouched nature and original african life make a trip to Uzi Ilsand an adventure: primary forest, monkeys, lonely beaches and curious locals. It is really off the beaten track




This trip leads you through a spice farm, Mangapwani Slave Caves and Chambers and on to the beautiful white sandy beaches of Nungwi, the most wonderful place to relax and unwind after the dust and humidity of Stone town.

Pack your swim wear and enjoy a cool drink in Paradise!




This tour takes you to the South coast of Zanzibar Island by road. Once you reach Kizimkazi village you will board a boat that will take you searching for dolphins, you have an 80% of seeing them and with a bit of luck might even swim amongst them.





In the afternoon we will visit the Chwaka Bay, a newly established National Reserve, famous for it's huge mangrove forest and it's population of endangered seabirds. On a boat trip through the mangroves you can sometimes see seaturtles.
The daytrip includes transport, guide, snorkelling equipment, lunch, boat ride.



Forget fishing in a modern fishing vessel with the latest in reels and rods and a fighting chair as well! We offer you the unique opportunity to sail out to sea with a Zanzibari fisherman and show you what 'fishing for a living' is really all about. Setting sail from one of East Africa's oldest wafts, the horizon is dotted with dhow's heading out to sea with full mast. These elegant vessels have voyaged across the Indian Ocean for hundreds of years and whilst the crew is busy preparing fishing nets the timelessness of this tradition will carry you far from the modern world's pace. We will equippe you with simple fishing gear, with what locals are even catching kingfish, yellow fin tuna, barracuda and grouper. A real adventure!
The half-day or daytrip includes the boat ride, fishing guide, local fishing gear, fruits and soft drinks.

More information: info@kili-tanzanitesafaris.com

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