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Arusha tourism wildlife safaris

Arusha Tourism, travel tips for Tanzania wildlife safaris in East Africa. Arusha is a city in Northern Tanzania whereby all wildlife safaris begin here.

Arusha city connects to Jomokenyatta International Airport, Nairobi Kenya with daily bus shuttles taking up to 4 hours while Kilimanjaro international airport is only 45 minutes. Several International airlines lands at Kilimanjaro Airport/JRO such as Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways, KLM, Delta Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, Condor Airlines and Kenya airways. Nowadays there are cheap flight tickets to JRO Tanzania.


Arusha tourism is categorized in to various vacation holidays:-


-Cultural Heritage Centre

-Snake Park Zoo

-Natural History Museum

-City Sight seeing including market,shops , international centres e.t.c


-Nearby Safari parks from Arusha are Arusha, Tarangire, Lake Manyara National parks and Ngorongoro Crater. Tourists can do day tour trips and holiday vacations.


-Biking and cycling adventures

-Camel safaris

-Horse riding

-Walking safaris




You can explore Tanzania cultural diversity by visiting Arusha tribes. You can visit local people areas, meet and see daily activities like customs, traditions.

Some of the cultural Tourism centers are as follows:-

(i) Ilkurot: Maasai tribe, Maasai bomas, Maasai activities like pastoralism, livestock keeping, milking and slaughtering.

-Natural attractions like waterfalls, small mountains (hills) and Mount Meru climbing.

-Camel safaris

-Donkey trekking

-maasai handcraft and more….

-Wild animals like giraffe, zebra, rabbit, hyena, thompons’s gazelle, and dikdik



 - Bird watching

 -Traditional Maasai village

 -Cattle market

 -walking safaris on Maasai plains

 -Mountain slopes


-Meru view



-Meru people


-Camel safaris

-Bird watching

-Mountain climbing

-Wild animals viewing


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Wildlife safari reviews

Tanzania safari reviews

Tanzania safari travel advice from past tourists or local guides is helpful, most wildlife safaris begins in Arusha Tanzania.

Tanzania safari trip allows the tourists to experience the exotic wildlife of East Africa. 
Arusha is Tanzania’s stopover destination between various east African safaris; discover Tanzania’s Arusha safari destinations with the east Africa safari Tour Operator.

Most Safari Tour Operators are located in Arusha. Some last minute travelers organize their safari holidays right from Arusha, how ever last minute bookings might make it difficult to get available rooms in most safari lodges. So for travelers to get accommodation, camping safaris is suggested.
Tourists can choose between budget camping safaris or luxury tented canvas lodges. Luxury tented canvas lodges have en suite facilities, restaurants and facilities like western lodge or tourists’ hotels

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